La Chaux - Joué du Bois

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Duration : 2h15 - 
Distance : 8,6 km - 
Height range :  159 m - 
Bridlepaths :  2,4 km - 
Marked footpaths : in progress - 
Difficulties : none - 

The two communes are built on a granite outcrop.
The countryside is like that of all granite regions, very undulating. 

Mairie La Chaux : 02 33 38 47 35

Mairie Joué du Bois : 02 33 37 19 01


  1. Park on the car park next to the mairie.
    Turn left.
    Walk past the chapel up to the crossroads and cross the road. (Be careful !).
    Continue straight on in the direction of « D916 par le Mont du Four ».
    Walk past Le Coudray, (A manor house, private property).

  2. Continue up to the edge of « Bois du Mont du Four » and turn right in the direction of La Héronnière (the third small road on the right).
    Continue straight ahead when the road becomes a lane. Never bear right.
    At the end of the lane, turn left.

  3. Take the first road on the left.
    At the end of the road, turn right.

  4. When you arrive at « Les Monts », take the lane on the right near the first house.
    At the end of this lane, take the footpath immediately on the left.
    This footpath borders on the enclosure of Chapelle de la Raîtière.
    Bear right near an ancient ruined house.
    At the next crossroads, turn right.

  5. When you arrive at the first small road, turn right.
    Back to the chapel and cross the hamlet. The road becomes a lane. Continue.

  6. At the crossroads, turn right. Go through L’Esnaulderie. At the crossroads, turn left and come back to La Chaux.


Rocks emerge from the ground everywhere.
In earlier times, granite was the principal industry in these communes. (around 1850 there were 300 granite workers in Joué du Bois).
The granite was hewn for pavement edges and gutter spouts, columns and paving slabs. (according to the revue Argentan et sa région  septembre 1958).
Many roadside crosses in the region are made from local granite.

Saint pierre de la chaux Church

The St Pierre de La Chaux church was restored in the 1950s.
The windows date from the 15th or 16th century.


Very old tombs in the shade of a very old yew tree.


In the chapel, this unusual tombstone, carved the pilgrim’s staff and sword, is that of Jean Verrier who died on the 5th april 1619 at the manor of Le Coudray.

Manor of le coudray

The very nice manor of Le Coudray, built in the 16th century, is a private property.

Sanctuary of N.D. de la Raitière

The sanctuary of Notre Dame de La Raitière.
The original one dates back to St Evremont, in the 7th century. (He was a hermit who lived in the hills of Ecouves).
In the Middle Ages the chapel which existed at that time, was burnt down and a new more secular chapel was built during the Revolution. 
From an article by Abbé Dumont

addition to the circuit

In addition to the circuit, near  La Raitière, in the neighbouring commune of Le Champ de la Pierre, you can visit the forges, a reminder of the metal industry in the Orne in the 16th century.
The site of Les Forges comprises 4 successive lakes as well as the high furnace of La Grosse Forge.

Altimetric contour

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