How to use the site 

How do you use the web site ?

 andAbove the menu, a link allows you to select your language.
  • For now it’s just French and English.
Click on the links you want to explore :
  • They are indicated by a yellow underline when you pass the curser over some text, or by  <yellow text> between two brackets.

To see and print a walk sheet. 

  • When you click on  < download the sheet > , a PDF document will open comprising the sheet on 2 sides. 
    • In order to read this sheet, you need to install a PDF reader.
    •  You can download a PDF reader < here >
    • Now you can print the sheet.

To view the photos and maps

  • Clicking on an image (photo or map) will allow you to increase the screen size.
  • Clicking on the small images beneath lets you pass from one image to another. 

Downloading the walk.

  • Clicking on < open in google earth > will open a PDF document with the « .kml » extension which can be opened by Google Earth.
    • Click on « Download » then « Open » (if you have already installed « Google Earth »).
    • You can download Google earth < here >
    • You can get the « .kml » data file to install into  a walk GPS. 
  • Click on < Download GPX data file > to download a file with the « GPX » extension usable with GPS software.
    • For android, you can also use the following :
      • GPX Viewer
      • Geo TRacker
      • E-walk Free
      • ViewRanger GPS
      • VisoRando
      • ...