Welcome to our rambling site

 who are we ?

A small group of enthusiasts who love rambling.

We roam the paths around La Ferté Macé and have identified the ones which seem to us to be the most interesting.

In partnership with the communes crossed by these paths we offer the following suggestions for rambles.



Création de notre association :


Cette association a pour objet de promouvoir le bocage ornais par la découverte des sentiers, des paysages, de la flore, de la faune et du patrimoine.

Venez à notre assemblée générale le 14 décembre 2017 à 20h, salle Bobot, La Ferté-Macé.

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 Specifics and advantages of our offer of rambles

  • The sheets giving details of the walks are printable free of charge from this site.
  • The sheets are free and available in the various mairies.
  • The set of sheets is available at the Ferté Macé tourist office.
  • You can look up the routes on Google Earth or any other map visualization web site.
  • You can download the routes onto a mobile or GPS in order to follow them in real time on the ground.
  • All the paths are in the public domain.

 Overall map of rambles < download the sheet >

This is the overall map of the walks on this site to allow you to put together several walks.
You will find the details of these walks on the pages following the tab < Our walks > .

 We would like to thank our partners

 Practical information

  • The walk sheets are free and available in the various mairies.
  • The full set of sheets is available at the tourist office in La Ferté Macé.




  • 23/01/2017
    • Update all maps
  • 30/12/2016
    • Météo
  • 05/12/2016
    • Official launching of our ramblers
  • 09/11/2016
    • First version of our website