La Ferté Macé - Bagnoles de l'orne-Normandie

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Duration : 3h30 - 
Distance : 13,6 Km  - 
Height range :  141 m - 
Bridlepaths :  60% - 
Marked footpaths : in progress  - 
Difficulties : Average - 

Office du tourisme La Ferté-Macé et sa région

02 33 37 10 97

Office de tourisme Bagnoles de l’Orne

02 33 37 85 66


Departure :  The lake in La Ferté-Macé

  1. Go to the left towards the dam.
    After the “gîtes”, take the lane up to the D908 road.
    Walking along the swin golf you will have a look at the three ponds.
    As you get to the road, you will see an apple and pear orchard.

  2. Be careful as you cross the D908.
    Walk across the road.
    At the next junction (1 km), bear right.
    Walk for 200 m, then continue to the left heading towards “Le Rocher Broutin”.
    After 400 m, you will see an outdoor centre.

  3. Go to the green gate.
    Inch your way across on the left of the gate.
    Walk along the fence.
    At the end of the field, turn 90° left.
    After 50 m, at the junction, take the lane to the right of the holly.
    Follow the lane down to a marshy area. Continue.
    At the next junction, go to the left up to the railway.
    Follow it, you will get to a place where you will be able to get across.
    Be careful of the bikes on rail.
    Continue, the bikes will be on your right as far as the next junction.
    Then, bear left between plots 24 and 47.
    Go to the right between 45 and 46.
    You will soon be able to see the Hippolyte oak-tree on your right.
    Walk up to the tarred road and turn right.
    At the bend, leave the road and take the lane opposite.
    It will lead you to the railway.

  4. Turn left (the railway is on your right)  At the Y junction, turn left.
    At the next junction, bear left to follow your way.
    Leaving your way to the right, you will get to Saint-Ortaire.

  5. Follow the yellow TM signs.
    Look out : as you will be walking along a field, the lane bends sharply to the left and goes uphill.
    Turn right and follow the marking out.
    You will get to the botanical lane.
    Follow it as far as a logging road.

  6. Turn left. (You will see a “chêne du roi Arthur” sign). Walk as far as the “Epinette” crossroads.
    To make a stop in Bagnoles, turn right, then left.
    You will see the Tourist Office.
    Be careful at the Epinette crossroads.
    Get across the La Ferté-Macé Couterne road.
    Turn left immediately.
    Continue straight on, the lane is a little rundown.
    At the Pont de Fresnay junction, bear left to go to the La Barbère housing estate.
    Turn right.
    At the end of the estate, take the left lane.

  7. Get across the road and follow the small lane on the right which is parallel to the rail.
    Walk round the former gatekeeper house.
    Take the lane behind the house, then turn right at the top.
    At the Leclerc roundabout, walk in the direction of “Les Tesnières”.

  8. Follow the road for 1 km.
    Cross the La Ferté Domfront road. Be careful.
    Continue this road as far as the Intermarché car park.
    Walk across to the filling station.
    Turn left to get back to the lake where your started your walk.

Base de loisirs

 A 28-hectare artificial lake dug at the beginning of the 80’s with a hiking trail around (2.4 km), a beach, a pedal boat area, a sailing school, a riding school, a bar, a climbing wall, a swin golf, fishing activities.


A walk linking up two tourist places, La Ferté-Macé and Bagnoles , by using forest and country lanes.

You wil walk in the lanes of the Andaines forest. (A 55 km2 massif), where mushrooms are abundant in the Autumn. 
It is very busy when deer bell. 
Watch out when hunting is taking place.
ONF : 02 33 30 41 90

“Bikes on rail” and buses enable you to go to La Ferté-Macé and Bagnoles. 

Bagnoles de l'orne normandie

Bagnoles de L’Orne is a spa ( phlebology, rheumatology, gynecology ). 

The thermal baths were established in the end of the XVIII century.
Houses from the Belle Epoque. 

two chapels

Two chapels : 
  • the chapel of the “Servites” dates from the XIX century. (stained-glass windows and the altar by Bernard Chardon) 
  • the Saint Ortaire and Saint Radegonde chapel dates from the XIV century. 

They are private.
Guided tours are possible on some Wednesdays (ask the tourist office in Bagnoles de l’Orne Normandie).

Hippolyte oak treee

The Hippolyte oak tree :
Circumference : 5.26 m at 1.30 m above the ground. 
H = 30 m   
V = 30 m3. 
The oldest tree in the massif, it is over 300 years old.


Altimetric contour

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